Stella Winner and Women’s Day

KnitcircusMar 8, '16


Stella Lighting

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the Knitcircus Podcast #76 contest to win a Stella Lighting lamp! More than 100 people emailed Amy for this truly fabulous prize; wow! I guess you guys really are listening. Many of your entries were funny, charming and delightful, as you all must be!

And congratulations to Kym, whose new Stella light is already in the mail. Man, those people are good!

Wishing you all a happy International Women’s Day. As a world, we’ve made a lot of strides, but we still have plenty to do. Some of my favorite organizations supporting women worldwide are:


Heifer International, which helps families, and specifically women, through the gifts of livestock and knowledge of how to care for them.

The Malala Fund, helping girls get educated worldwide

Association for Women in Science

Of course, we are a woman-owned business with women employees, and many companies, shops, designers and notions purveyors are women, so you can find lots of great businesses in our industry to support.


Special props go out to Darn Good Yarn, (above) with their coop of women in India, From the Mountain Handspun Cashmere by Afghani women, and Lantern Moon, with their fair trade products.

Go forth and do good!




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