Stripes Made Easier! Gradient Striped Socks

KnitcircusJul 6, '16

Self-striping socks. No more switching between two balls of yarn to make the stripes yourself. Fewer yarn ends to sew in. It’s the most entertaining knitting in my basket.

IMG_2133[1] (1)

That’s our Sunshine and Lollipops extreme gradient striped sock set.

Precisely matched self-striping socks are not easy to execute. I recently struggled with a commercial sock set to begin at the same place in both socks. What a disaster. This project is still in time out:


But hallelujah! The Knitcircus dye studio invented a method to handdye gorgeous striping socks THAT MATCH TO THE STITCH.

First we began with gradients. Check out Susan B. Anderson’s Watermelon socks:

Susie watermelon sock

(photo: Susan B. Anderson)

And now behold our gradient striped Watermelon socks:20160524_145720_


When I first saw these, I was like, cool, I can switch between two balls. Worth it. And then I saw the yarn:


IT STRIPES FOR YOU ALL BY ITSELF. A tiny miracle of dyeing.

Let’s look at the differences a little more closely.

Jaala first created our gradient sock sets, her first creation that matched socks to the stitch.

Behold our Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard Sock gradient colorway in the ball and as a sock:


Jaala was then struck by inspiration to create sock sets that are self-striping. Here’s the same colorway but now it’s Gradient Stripes:

Rock Sock Stripes Mitt KitIMG_4765_grande


Sometimes you may have yarn left over from your sock set, especially if you’ve purchased our medium or large sock sets, have small feet, or like working cuff down. Here’s a great idea:

Check out Sandra’s Stride socks in our Salt Water Taffy Stripes colorway:

Stride socks in progress wannaknitfaster

Stride socks wannaknitfaster

She used about 1/2 of her 100g sock set, with enough left over for short socks! I’m a huge fan of short sockies, and now I have a great use for using up the rest of the stripes I didn’t get to!

Watch the progress of our Gradient Striped Sock being knit up in a time lapse video. I’ve already watched it about forty times, it’s so magical:


Effortless stripes are now yours. May the stripes force be with you!


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