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Love is Love

KnitcircusDec 8, '17

Our newest color, Love is Love, is a thank-you to all of the brave individuals in the knitting community and in our families and friend circles who have the courage to be who they are and love the person who makes them happy. We believe that rights of LGBT individuals are human rights and that, … Continue reading Love is Love →

Picking Speckles for Fades Part 1

KnitcircusNov 9, '17

Hello, friends, Customers in the shop have been wondering how to choose beautiful combinations for their Fade projects. Since putting complementary colors together is pretty much my job, I’d like to share a few strategies I use when thinking about creating gradients. There are three approaches I’d like to show you: gradient, balanced complements and … Continue reading Picking Speckles for Fades Part 1 →

Peekaboo Mitts

KnitcircusOct 4, '17

My daughter has been knitting since she made a 3-inch-square doll blanket at the age of six. I love seeing which patterns catch her eye, and which yarns the now-16-year-old chooses. I call her Belle on the blog because she’s … Continue reading →

Guest Blog Post: Yarn and Pattern Pairings

KnitcircusJun 28, '17

Hello, fellow Friends of Knitcircus!  My name is Beth, and I’m a knitter from outside of Portland, OR.  It’s a fiber lover’s paradise here in the Pacific NW, with more than a dozen LYS that participate in our local Yarn … Continue reading →

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

KnitcircusJun 13, '17

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy is one of the new Impressionist Speckled Gradients. We are all in love with these gradients with pops of unexpected color throughout. This new dyeing process started one day when Elizabeth and I had been hanging … Continue reading →