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Home All Knitcircus Matching Sock Sets Superwashed Merino Wool
Home All Knitcircus Matching Sock Sets Superwashed Merino Wool

Whether you order ready-to-ship or dyed-to-order sock sets, we've got the perfect pair of matching yarn cakes for you to knit the socks you love.

Dyed-to-match socks sets make perfect socks to knit. You choose to start from the center of the cake or the outside! If you start with the same color for each sock, you'll have maternal twins - every stitch of one sock matches the other exactly. 

Sizes - We dye socks for any size! Whether you want to fit a toddler or the captain of the football team, Knitcircus Sock Sets are ready for the job. Choose the perfect size for your project, all wound into two cakes dyed together so your socks will match! We recommend working toe-up socks whenever possible so you never stop knitting before your gradient finishes with a flourish.

  • Small socks set - approximately 200 yds/set. Perfect for wristwarmers, children’s socks/mittens or women’s anklets.
  • Medium socks set - approximately 300 yds/set. For women’s mid-calf socks sizes 5-10, women’s mittens, Men’s size 6-8 or kids’ knee socks.
  • Large socks set - approximately 400 yds/set. Women’s size 11-13, Men’s size 9-11, men’s mittens or women’s knee socks.